Tiffany Blue Wedding Theme Ideas

Tiffany Blue Wedding Theme Ideas: Tone Up Wedding Decoration With White And Blue Color

Western style wedding ceremony is various. You can find so many  kinds of wedding ceremony adapted from western style. One of western styles that still becomes a trend is Tiffany Blue Wedding. This kind of wedding is the result of changing trend which passes through evolution.  Tiffany Blue wedding gained its popularity since 2000.

What is so different from the wedding them of this type? Wedding ceremony normally comes in white decoration as well as the white gown worn by the bride and bridegroom. Yet, Tiffany blue wedding type has combination between white and other color like light blue and ribbons for decoration. This can be Tiffany Blue Wedding Theme Ideas in the future.

When couples have often seen white wedding decoration, they can change over to Tiffany Blue wedding. If you are not familiar with it, you can see the existing examples of Tiffany Blue Wedding Theme Ideas that become recent trend.

The white and blue colors are the main theme used while the jewelries remain yellowish gold or silver. Tiffany Blue wedding is also perfect for outdoor  wedding ceremony such as in garden or beach. The bride and bridegroom wear blue bridal gown and particularly the bride can wear tiara and veil or wear them all at once. But, it is just optional.

The blue tiara can be made of silver plated added with beautiful gemstones. For the braid’s maids, they can wear blue gown decorated with ribbons. If you want to have great Tiffany Blue Wedding Theme Ideas, you can also add blue flowers for your wedding decoration. The colors of blue and white for flowers can be combined with other colors like purple or light pink.

But when blue flowers are not available, rose flowers are usually used as substitution. Always remember that when you want to have Tiffany blue wedding decoration, there are essential components; white and  blue colors, gemstones, laces, and ribbons.