Ivory Satin Wedding Shoes With Bow

Be Elegant And Fashionable In Your Wedding Party With Ivory Satin Wedding Shoes With Bow

Beautiful wedding dress of your dreams is ready at hand. Bouquet was already booked. Now it is time to prepare what shoes would you wear when being a princess overnight. Sometimes a lot of people underestimate the affairs shoes, wedding shoes while holding the important role that paved the ceremony. Apart from having gorgeous, ivory satin wedding shoes with bow should also be comfortable in the foot. It’s funny, when you and your partner the way to the aisle suddenly slipped due to uncomfortable shoes.

Actually, bridal shoes have its own story and history. In addition to affecting its appearance, the shoe is also associated as a symbol of fidelity in love. Remember the story of the legend of Cinderella? That’s the glass slipper Cinderella unites the different parts of the heart, a handsome prince. Until now, the shoe like Cinderella’s is still used as the inspiration for the designers to create shoes. Regardless of myths behind, Cinderella shoes as inspiration because of its simple, yet elegant and luxurious.

As the development of fashion trends, shoe design continues to grow. Many models to choose from. ivory satin wedding shoes with bow high heels to the right flat. Likewise with color. Various colors and patterns readily available shoes in shoe boutiques subscription.

For those of you who have big feet, avoid shoes with rope accents (sling back or a gladiator-style shoes), because it will accentuate your ankle area. Similarly Avoid shoes with contrasting colors (red, yellow) because it will make your legs look shorter and large. White or ivory satin wedding shoes with bow color shoes would have been better. For the shape, choose a pump shoes (closed) to cover the ankle area. Stiletto will help the legs look longer.

Now for the big calves, you should choose shoes or strappy sling back shoes. This model will highlight the bottom of the foot, especially the wrist. Rather avoid pump shoes as it will make your legs look? Drowning of course.

Accent ribbon or strap on your shoes can also help create the impression of the feet and calves look more balanced. Be thankful you are to have the ideal shape of the foot.

You should wear shoes any form. You just align with the shape and color of the wedding dress. However, try to wear high heels if you want to look sexy. The touch of the ivory satin wedding shoes with bow as a detail to make you look glamorous is absolute!